Here goes! + some epic amigurumis

I’ve been meaning to do this for sooo long. Excited to finally start this blog!

I’ve always been a knitter and crafter, but school was kind of cramping my style. But since finally getting my masters degree and starting as a librarian (several interviews and several thousand applications later) I’ve actually had something called “free time.”

I’m hoping to share my passion with other knitters out there. Or maybe I should say passionS. I’m also pretty nerdy, so it will sneak into my posts I’m sure. For example, I just discovered LucyRavenscar, and I think I’m in love.

I can be found on Ravelry, Goodreads, and Twitter. However my pride and joy is my Delicious account where, in true librarian form, I have over 600 fully tagged bookmarks. Highlights can be found on my links page.

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