Well, the mitts are coming along slowly, and a little painfully. This is the first time I’ve used size 1 needles – look at how tiny the stitches are! I worry this may mark my descent into knitting insanity… I’ve put them aside for the evening as I frantically attempt to finish my scarf for the Creativ Festival tomorrow. SO EXCITED!

My lack of mitt progress can likely partially be attributed to my recent baking fixation. This week was pumpkin cake with apple cider glaze. So tasty, yet so easy = delightful. Thanks to canadianchia for the recipe 🙂 Please excuse the horrible picture of the half-eaten slice I took for lunch…

And here’s a library-related random discovery of the day:

This is the picturesque teeny library of the community on the island of Flatey, Iceland (bókasafnið í Flatey). (via @Librarianista)

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