Uh-oh, I’m engaged

You know what this means… wedding related knitting. The fiancé is going to looooove this.

Alas, I am not the first to blog on the topic, surprise surprise. JoAnnaJae does a particularly good job of it here.

A whole gallery of hand-knitted wedding dresses can be found here. Some are gorgeous, some hideous, all of them make my hands and brain hurt just looking at them.

And then there is the woman who loves sheep perhaps a little too much.

Though even that is nice compared to this:

Just not my thing I guess…

Though I must give kudos to the Dr. Who nod ❤ That is one epic scarf.

So I’ll skip the knitted dress, thanks.

I LOVE this idea, however. In fact, I kind of want to steal this couple’s entire wedding.

This calls to mind their TARDIS cake topper…

What is it with knitters and Dr. Who? Are we just all quirky like that?

There are also library-themed weddings out there! Diana of our.city.lights and her beau, Scott Douglas (a famous librarian-writer, for those of you not in the know) threw a fabulous affair that I am sure smelled of vellum and newsprint.

However, my fave for library-themed has to go to this wedding at the James J. Hill Library in Saint Paul, MN.

In all honesty, we will probably have a low-key affair and just follow our whims and play ofo of our many quirks instead of one unified theme, but you can bank on these babies hitting a mailbox near you.

That, and the fact that I’ll be knitting my garter 😉

9 thoughts on “Uh-oh, I’m engaged

  1. Erin I love this blog! I especially love all the ideas you have with regards to incorporating the knitting and library into your wedding. The save the dates are my favourite idea! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

    • No thanks required 😉 Thanks for the congrats. You’ve got quite the nice one yourself. Can’t believe I neglected to subscribe to your RSS. Have now!

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