Pucks n’ Purls pt 2

So, it turns out my friends and co-attendees to Pucks n’ Purls, Alia and Ilana, took much more pictures than I did. Check them out for a fun read.

Not much to report this week as I worked most days, including the weekend. However I did manage to get out for a girls’ night and ended up taking home some hand-me-downs from a friend who shares my size. Included was this shirt with a crocheted top edge:

I remember thinking “ooh, pretty crochet” before tossing it in the laundry hamper. It wasn’t until I was folding the laundry that I remembered something that the Yarn Harlot had taught me in her most recent book, All Wound Up (you can read my review here): all crochet is done by hand, ALL of it.

Here’s a close-up. Just LOOK at those stitches. And in sock weight. On a mass-produced t-shirt. Dear god I feel inadequate.

Also, LOOK! more colours are manifesting in the Lanesplitter! I think I can live with this. Albeit I’m not the hugest fan of the lime green that the purple is giving way too… :S

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