The Canadian National Exhibition

Made the yearly trek out to the CNE on the weekend. The trip there was exciting in itself. Apparently for the first weekend the TTC brings out a restored 1951 streetcar out on the 509 route, and we were lucky enough to catch it! Got my picture taken on it, wearing my newest FO 😀





At the international pavilion I noticed more handicrafts than I remember seeing in the past. Grab a covert shot of the Peruvian booth and its looooovely soft alpaca offerings. Just ignore the mannequins and the crappy pixel count. One day I’ll remember to take my real camera with me…








Also had to pick up this strange, strange little guy for $2 at a Thai booth. They had a whole bunch of different ones, all slightly weird and monster-ish yet strangely adorable at the same time, kind of like uglydolls. You could tell they are hand-made by the wide array of styles and hallmarks of hand-stitchery (mine still had tailor’s chalk on it).



A definite highlight was the farm building. They pretty much had every wool-bearing animal minus the bunnies. Here are some cute sheep, alpacas, and a goat for your viewing pleasure.

Krochet Kids

Found an amazing initiative today that I can’t believe I didn’t know existed! Krochet Kids international is a non-profit started by three college guys who loved to crochet (guys! crocheting!).

Over 100 people go to their compound in Northern Uganda everyday to work crocheting hats (and other projects) sold around the world. The collaboration of the staff in America and artists in Northern Uganda has created a sustainable cycle of employment and empowerment. The goal is “to create sustainable economic development programs that support holistic growth of individuals and communities within developing nations.”