Jayne hat finally done!

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving. Among other things, I’m thankful that this hat is done! Also glad that the bro seems pretty happy with it.

Happy Thanksgiving! It hasn’t felt like Thanksgiving, with the weather is unseasonably warm, but winter is coming so I’d better start on those fingerless mittens of mine…

Geekery on the needles

I have officially started my Jayne Cobb hat!!!





Cunning, ain’t it?


I was plunged even deeper into the rabbit hole of nerdom when I stumbled across Pixelatedmushroom‘s delightful Doctor Who plushie patterns. I am ridiculously excited and will be making one as soon as I get the time.

Wonder Woman Costume, by Dad

Father Sews Wonder Woman Costume for Daughter | The Mary Sue.

Words cannot explain my love for this. A crafting father makes a Wonder Woman hero/princess costume for his daughter because she didn’t like the idea of having to be a princess for a birthday party whose theme required that the boys dress as superheroes and the girls as princesses.

Take that kiddy princess culture AND “crafting is for women” mentality!

Here goes! + some epic amigurumis

I’ve been meaning to do this for sooo long. Excited to finally start this blog!

I’ve always been a knitter and crafter, but school was kind of cramping my style. But since finally getting my masters degree and starting as a librarian (several interviews and several thousand applications later) I’ve actually had something called “free time.”

I’m hoping to share my passion with other knitters out there. Or maybe I should say passionS. I’m also pretty nerdy, so it will sneak into my posts I’m sure. For example, I just discovered LucyRavenscar, and I think I’m in love.

I can be found on Ravelry, Goodreads, and Twitter. However my pride and joy is my Delicious account where, in true librarian form, I have over 600 fully tagged bookmarks. Highlights can be found on my links page.