Licence to shop

The last cowl of my cowl kick is done!

I’m really happy with it. Better pictures of the others to come soon.

In other, sadder news my bag of notions (more of a sort of pencil case I carry with my knitting) went missing sometime in the last week. It either fell out of my bag (I doubt it) or got snatched by one of the kids I teach to knit/crochet. To be fair, if it was the kids they may not have known better since I let them use yarn that I bring. I do tell them that I can only give them their first ball and that the needles are loaners, plus the notions were in my own personal bag… Ah well, at least it means they’re really taking to needlecrafts?

Though you know, sometimes it’s not so bad when someone steals your stuff… I got to go shopping for more!

Which means I caved and bought the Knit Picks Emergency keychain I’d wanted forever. It was only 3 bucks, but I couldn’t justify putting in an order of yarn I really don’t need in order to get the free shipping. BUT it turns out Knit-O-Matic carries Knit Picks in-store, and they had the keychain in stock 😀

And then it was off to Mary Maxim to top off my toy box notions necessities.

The darning needles come with a case!

And let’s finish it off with a gratuitous shot of Desmond. I’m attending the OLA Conference this week and he apparently wants to come with me, having made himself quite comfortable in my conference bag.

Albeit I’m a little peeved with him at the moment. The little bugger has figured out that there is a pill inside the “pill pocket” treats he’s been gobbling up for a week, and has now decided to refuse to eat them. I tried inserting them in a piece of ham instead and he just ate around the pill. ARGH. Any suggestions? Feel free to comment.