The most perfect mug ever

So, I was shopping and saw this mug and had to have it.Kitten (and BLACK like Desmond at that!) and yarn. ZOMG.

Plus, he really does like knitting 😉

Here they are together! …sort of. I was aiming for closer proximity, but this is the best I could get. It’s a little sad just how long I struggled to even get this oh-so-lovely shot of his butt…

I also grabbed this at the dollar store in the same trip. It’s a tin on a keychain that zips up. It came with candy in it, but my first thought was “omg I can keep my notions in it!” Everything in my life gets related to my yarn habit, it seems.

And in project news, mom’s driving mitts are coming along nicely. Slowly, but nicely. After I’m done the mate all I gotta do is put the buttons on the top and sew on the grips to the palm.

And I’ll end with some yarn porn. Swiss Mohair was on sale at Mary Maxim last week (I’d blame Lynn for talking me into buying it, but that would be a lie) and the Alpaca was from the 20-Somethings holiday party gift swap on Thursday 🙂

It’s been a good week

So, if there is some delay in future posts and knitting projects, this is why…

———- ————– ——— ———— ————- —————— —————— —————- ————— ———— ———– ——— ———- – —— – ———- ————- ————– —————- ———— ———— ————– ————– ————– ———— ————— ———— ————– ————– ———— ————- ————— ————— ————— ————– ———– ————– ————— –   – – His name is Desmond (after much deliberating), he’s 7 mos, and he’s the biggest suck I’ve ever encountered.

Unfortunately he also seems to have a taste for yarn already. We’ll have to work on that… — – – – –  – – – – – – ———– ————- ————– ———– ————- ————— – —— —— ————– —————- —————– —————– —————– —————– —————————- ————- ————— ————- —————— ————————

In other news, I caved and bought an interchangeable set.

And to help assuage guilt, I am attempting to sell my old needles. Tell your friends!

————– ——— – –   ———— ————– —— – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – ————- —————     ——————     ——————————    ————- —————– ————– ———— —————– ——————————– ————- ——– ——– —– ——— —— ——- ——– ——- ———- ———- ——— ——— – ——————– ——————— ————————- ——————————- — ———— — Speaking of old. Check out what my Grandma found and gave to me over the weekend! (I’m referring to the books, not my Grandma of course. Love you Grandma!)

Notice the 50 cent price tag!

Grandma said she remembers making a sweater with this bear motif on it for my uncle when he was a baby. I love that it’s still around.

The Granny Squares one is so awesomely 70s. Would be worthy of appearing in the Museum of Kitschy Stitches. Then again, they have been making a comeback in recent years, albeit in rebooted form.

——————- —————– ————- ———— ————— —————– —————- ———————- ——————- —————– ——— — – – — – – – — — – — – —— — —— ——– ———– ———- ——– —– —— – — – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – —

One final sharing: here is the back cover ad from Granny Squares.

I especially love the line “it takes a very special yarn to make a sweater that can be handed down to every kid in the family.”

Not that, you know, it’s every younger child’s source of embarrassment or anything. Naw, they’ll love it!


Well, I didn’t get it finished in time 😥

So close though! Ok, maybe about half-way… but I got the entire green section and one blue done in 2 hours! Evidently if I’d not procrastinated and been distracted by other, more shiny projects I’d have had it finished in time. Here comes the guilt setting in! To make amends with the universe, I feel I must promote another charitable craft-related campaign. If you are a reader of crafting magazines (and really, who isn’t?) please consider renewing and/or getting your subscription through Nazareth House‘s fundraising campaign. Located in Toronto, Nazareth House is a supportive non-denominational community that provides a home-like environment to women at risk and their infants. Over the past twenty-five years, Nazareth House has been a safe haven for over 1,000 women and 160 children. Over 650 of the magazine titles are available at up to 85% off the newsstand price. 37% of proceeds goes to Nazareth House.

And now on to my Creativ Festival adventure! It was a great experience. Next year I’ll definitely plan to go for an entire day so that I can see more. 2.5 hours just isn’t enough! That being said, I did come home with some great finds 🙂












Possibly my favourite, albeit impulsive, purchase: this handmade wooden shawl pin from The Woodlot‘s booth. Now I just need to finish my shawl to go with it.






And of course, yarn! I was really impressed that it was $1.85 for 100% wool.





I also bought this kit to make a framed piece of felted artwork. I always thought felting was… blah. I never much liked the look of felted knitwear – I’ve only ever seen old ladies wearing felted pieces (granted an aunt once gave me a felted tea cozy that was quite cute, but the difference is it is not a wearable nor worked in the bright 80s-esque hues and pastels one sees so often). Little did I know you could use wool to both paint and sculpt in addition to knitting and crochet! Further justification of my obsession!

The Canadian National Exhibition

Made the yearly trek out to the CNE on the weekend. The trip there was exciting in itself. Apparently for the first weekend the TTC brings out a restored 1951 streetcar out on the 509 route, and we were lucky enough to catch it! Got my picture taken on it, wearing my newest FO 😀





At the international pavilion I noticed more handicrafts than I remember seeing in the past. Grab a covert shot of the Peruvian booth and its looooovely soft alpaca offerings. Just ignore the mannequins and the crappy pixel count. One day I’ll remember to take my real camera with me…








Also had to pick up this strange, strange little guy for $2 at a Thai booth. They had a whole bunch of different ones, all slightly weird and monster-ish yet strangely adorable at the same time, kind of like uglydolls. You could tell they are hand-made by the wide array of styles and hallmarks of hand-stitchery (mine still had tailor’s chalk on it).



A definite highlight was the farm building. They pretty much had every wool-bearing animal minus the bunnies. Here are some cute sheep, alpacas, and a goat for your viewing pleasure.