Back from the netherworld…

…of becoming an adult.

I’ve been silent for a bit, I know. You see, we bought a house, moved into said house, are still planning a wedding that is now only a little over two months away, and in the meantime I’ve been working 6 day weeks. Yay!

At least we got this out of it:


No FOs at the moment, since I’ve had precious few minutes to knit (must get on the flowers and shawl…)

However, I did want to share a few quick knitty things before I dive into a post I’m planning on my day job (libraries, specifially children’s services).

1) Stitch Maps! Lots of chatter on the interwebs about this new knitting pattern format and, while I do think it is very cool, I must support the crocheters who are quick to point out that they have been using a format akin to Stitch Maps for forever.

stitchmap      crochetdiagram

                             Stitch Map                                     Crochet Diagram

I rest my case.

2) WWKiP in Toronto happened! Lots of events at High Park and at local stores.

My Instagram pictures from High Park:

More pictures here, here, here, and here. This one’s my personal favourite:


3) Other things I’ve been up to. Baking very nerdy things.


My previous Game of Thrones baking adventure using the A Feast of Ice and Fire cookbook can be found here.

World Wide Knit in Public Day

The first Toronto Edition of the annual WWKiP was on Satuday. It was a great time, and a great turnout despite the rain. Granted the rain was light and only fell for the first hour, contrary to the thunderstorm predictions. That’s right, Mother Nature has knitters’ backs 😉

Lots more pictures here.

The media interest was great too. We on the planning committee decided I’d be the media contact (for better or for worse, I’m ok with public speaking, but I ramble when I’m nervous…)

  • Sarah Lazarovic wrote a comic in the National Post about us.
  • Fairchild‘s Cantonese station also interviewed me.
  • Xinhua news network also stopped by and interviewed many of us. Great coverage!
  • Snap Downtown edition also stopped by to take some photos, which will appear in their July issue in print and online.

All in all an amazing day! Knitters and knitting groups met and mingled, the learn-to-knit station taught new knitters both young and old, our Relay for Life team (we’re knitting all night on June 15 in support of cancer research!) got some more donations (I saw at least one $20 in the jar!), Ravelers had a chance to meet up, and Street Knit had a lot of their kits taken by people volunteering to knit for the homeless. I’d say that’s a success 🙂

June 11, 2012 update: ideas_dept posted some pictures on Flickr as well.

July 25, 2012 update: Snap article is here.

Goings on

My first Downtown Knit Collective meeting last night was a blast. Knitters are just awesome, welcoming people. Granted the fact that I ran into more than a few people I already know probably helped. Then there was the whole the-speaker-was-Stephanie-Pearl-McPhee thing too. Not only is she hilarious, but I actually learned things about neurology. Knitting is great for your brain! Ironically it is also very addictive. Who knew?

I also learned that the things that make a video game successful (and addictive) are all present in knitting: visible progress, short and long-term goals and rewards, etc (note to self, find whole article). Am telling the fiancé this next time he says I knit too much. UPDATE: possible (or at least similar) article here.

WWKIP is growing legs. We’ll be having a Scarf Relay which, from its description, sounds like it will be an epic riot. We’ve also been mentioned on the Knitty blog and Wise Daughters as well.

And look who has retweeted about it!

I believe my response was to squeal in excitement.


Yet MORE exciting yarny things going on in Toronto:

1) Wise Daughters will be hosting their own WWKIP event, also on June 9. From 9:30 – 11:30am there will be a free breakfast and other lovely surprises. Afterwards a group of participants will be heading to Nathan Phillips for the Toronto WWKIP. I so wish I could do both. Alas I have to help set up at Nathan Phillips 😦

2) The More Than Just a Yardage Sale in support of the Textile Museum of Canada. Friday May 25, 11am – 6pm and Saturday May 26, 10am – 1pm


To end with, I leave you with something I learned about myself today…

Behold my list of check-outs from work (the library):

Notice that only one item is not related to knitting. Also notice that there are more that don’t even appear on the screen (see the scroll bar on the right?). It’s official, I’m obsessed.