Pure pleasure (sort of)

Now that the holidays – and the frantic knitting that invariably accompanies that time of the year – are over I can focus on knitting for, you know, fun.

The blasted driving gloves I made for mom ate up most of my time :S The yarn was horrible to work with, and when I was finally done knitting them, I then had to adhere faux-leather grips to the palm. I’ll never be doing that again, but damn it if I’m not proud of myself. Mom seems pleased with them too.

In my last post I talked about my plan to make a lace or fingering weight version of the heart keychain into a heart pendant. Finally I’m done! After attaching the jump ring, I dipped it in a clear non-toxic (or at least relatively low toxic) resin. I used an outdoor grade (so water/sweat would not eat through it) version meant as a top coat for acrylic paint. I sponged off the excess before letting it dry. It seemed to work well. The heart is now hard, and is also not bothering my skin. I think I’ll end up making a second one and then giving them to my nieces.

Just started this cowl for my grandma the other day. Really enjoying how fast and prettily the Estelle Drake is knitting up. Apparently Desmond likes it too.

I also have a coworker who’s asked for something along the lines of these:

fingerless gloves

And then, it will finally be time to make something for yours truly! So excited for Lanesplitter 🙂 Made with Noro Silk Garden. Mmmm Noro.

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